for protecting borders domestic and international of the illegal transport of radioactive materials

System composed of a highly sensitive scintillation detector with a high-speed micro-processing system, fixed to a strategic point.

Globalsonics has developed the ARMDS Lite to help on national security matters by monitoring the objects entrance.

By using the Automatic Radiation Detection Measurement Lite it is possible to avoid the illegal traffic of radioactive objects inside luggage for example, there is not necessary stop the object.

The system is calibrated to area background levels, and any changes in this constant will be considered a detectable event, activating visual and audible alarms. This indicates the presence of a radioactive isotope.

Automatic Radiation Detection Measurement Lite (ARMDS Lite) is a system composed of a highly sensitive scintillation detector with a high-speed micro processing system, fixed to a strategic point.

To improve the performance, use the Austral-Rad Mini survey meter which allows for extremely sensitive and rapid monitoring to take place.


  • Very high sensitivity.
  • Selective detection of artificial radioactivity.
  • No user operation necessary.
  • High speed microprocessor for detector in vehicles constantly monitoring- i.e. no requirement for vehicle to stop during monitoring.
  • Automatic or manual alarm reset selectable.
  • Alarm level adjustable in order to detect an excessive total dose rate level.
  • Alarm message to a remote alarm unit such as horn, light.
  • No installation required.
  • Optional monitoring channel for thermal and fast neutrons.
  • Access to system configuration with a notebook or PC via RS232.
  • Suitable for use next to conveyer system, at car park entrance, doorway, luggage entrance etc.
  • Data storage unlimited – dependent upon PC configuration.
  • System parameters configured via a serial connection to a PC via a Windows™ based program.
  • Configuration program is password protected so only authorised operators may change system parameters.
  • System status displayed on visual alarm on site and on PC monitor if connected.
  • Installed buzzer to indicate an alarm.
  • Displayed dose rate unit can be set to Sievert (Sv/hr) / Roentgen (R/hr) / CPM / CPS.


  • International and domestic entry / departure.
  • Luggage Carousel gates/ Border Control.
  • Postal service / Freight terminal.
  • Cyclotron.
  • Nuclear Research Applications / laboratories.
  • Research Reactors / Nuclear plants.
  • Defence/ National Security.

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