Main functionality is that of a Survey Meter. Also, can be used as an area monitor or a contamination detector

The Austral-Rad Fukushima 3 is an edition with some different features of our well known and trusted Austral-Rad 8 in 1 survey meter. The Fukushima 3 comes equipped with all the latest up to date technology and modern processing power, all of which can be found in a durable, splash proof plastic casing making it the perfect solution for working in harsh, difficult environments.

The unit comes equipped with a large detector which can detect Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-Ray thus giving it the capabilities to be used as Survey Meter, Contamination Detector and an Area Monitor. This detector can also be changed to a scintillator detector allowing the user to personalise the unit to meet your requirements as well as opening up further applications in which the unit can be utilised.

The Austral-Rad Fukushima 3 software package permits a clear understanding of the measurements by the simple graphic display of the stored data in the microprocessor. Downloading the information to a PC or laptop can be achieved by wireless transmission or cable connection of the stored results for later scientific analysis. All parameters such as alarm threshold and radiation units can be modified to the software programme and some can be done directly by the membrane keyboard consisting of 3 keys.


  • Water resistant.
  • High impact plastic case.
  • Backlit liquid crystal display.
  • Date and time display.
  • Dose display showing real time dose and accumulated dose.
  • Battery condition/charge displayed on LCD.
  • Resettable password.
  • Radiation unit displays mR, mR/hr, μSv, μSv/hr,CPS and CPM.
  • Alarm display shows high + low thresholds.
  • Over range saturation display conditions.
  • Automatic electronics diagnostics.
  • Soft keyboard membrane front panel.


  • International and domestic entry / departure.
  • Luggage Carousel gates/ Border Control.
  • Postal service / Freight terminal.
  • Cyclotron.
  • Nuclear Research Applications / laboratories.
  • Research Reactors / Nuclear plants.
  • Defence/ National Security.
  • Nuclear Medicine/ Radio pharmacy / PET.
  • Environment Protection Authority – EPA.
  • Radiation Contamination/ Protection.
  • Radiation Personnel Dosimeter.
  • Radiation Survey.

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