Neutron Detector Scintillator Type

The ideal area monitor for the monitoring of neutrons in a vast number of applications

The Austral-Rad N SI is the answer to the ageing neutron survey meters currently in use.

The Austral-Rad N SI brings a new approach to neutron measurement, even though use the classic Anderson and Braun design to conduct the measurement.


  • Neutron Detector – polyethylene sphere containing a BF3 proportional
    counter and neutron energy compensating material.
  • Gamma Detector – 1” Scintillator NaI(Tl).
  • Changeover switch for readout.
  • Detachable survey meter (AustralRad Mini 8-in-1).
  • Audio & Visual Alarm.
  • CE: Mark ISO 13485 / ISO 9000/2008 / IP65&68 / ISO IEC 61526 DEF
  • (AUST) 5168.
  • Traceable to the Australian National Standard.


  • Cyclotron.
  • Radiotherapy.
  • Nuclear Industry.
  • Research.
  • University.


  • Internal radiation detector.
  • Wireless transmission of real time data.
  • Pasword: Resettable.
  • LCD Display: Backlit.
  • Dose Display: Real time dose and accumulate dose.
  • Display: Time and date.
  • Battery: Displays conditions on LCD
  • Radiation units: Display mR, mR/hr, μS, μS/ hr, CPS, CPM.
  • Alarm Display: High and low alarm thresholds.
  • Conditions: Over range saturation display.
  • Electronics Diagnostic: Automatic self performed.

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