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Mould Room Solutions

Digitizers & Scanner

X-Ray images are mostly digital, but still some hospitals have applications in need of digitizing images. PAR Scientific A/S offers three means of entering information into the PAR System:

  • Wacom low footprint digitizer
  • Wacom digitizers offer this smaller digitizer for use to digitize electron fields that were designed on a plexi plate or transparent sheet directly on patient skin. It does not support large X-Rays but with an active area of 311 x 216 mm / 12.1 x 8.4 inches is adequate to the needs for electrons.
  • The PAR System integrates this product seamlessly into the digitize module.

Full Size Backlit Digitizer

This lightweight and thin design incorporates concurrent technology compared to the old fluorescent light digitizers. The power requirements are significantly less and accuracy is higher. Resolution up to 500 lines/mm (12.700 lines/inch) with an accuracy level of ±0.254 mm / 0.001 inch offers high accuracy.

A3 Flatbed Scanner with Transparency Unit

The Mikrotec Scanmaker 1000XL plus offers the ability to scan X-Rays directly into the PAR System. Equipped with a transparent unit, it allows images up to A3 size format to be scanned. Up to 3200 DPI and a dynamic range of 4. 2Dmax the scanner offers high accuracy digitalization.

LED is used as lighting element, thus eliminating the need of heating period as exhibited by other scanners


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