Meet Professor


PhD, BSc Encomienda, ANZSNM, AIR, EANM, NYAS, ANA Professor of Medical Radiation Graduated School of Medicine

Dr Munoz-Ferrada moved to Australia in the middle 1970s to finish his studies. In the 1980s, he spent time at Lund University, Sweden, where he finished his PhD in research specialising in the Design of Medical Instrumentation. He also spent some time in the late 1980s in Asia and the Far East.

In the 1990s, he became part of the School for Medical Radiation and a member of the Centre for Medical Research at Wollongong University, where he was active in the development of new techniques and applications of instrumentation.

At the beginning of this millennium, Dr Munoz-Ferrada was made Professor in two faculties at Wollongong University School of Medicine and School of Medical Science. Following this, he was appointed President of the Australia-French Association of Science, a position he embraced for four years participating in several projects with the French government.

Professor Munoz-Ferrada is also worldwide recognised for his research and development work related to new technologies and applications in medicine, science and national security.

Professor Munoz-Ferrada is the largest shareholder of the Globalsonics group.
He had dedicated the time and knowledge to make Globalsonics the largest and most successful R&D manufacturing group in the area of medicine and science in the Southern Hemisphere. Our group of people is composed of very special skills range from design electronic engineers, software engineers, biomedical medical physicists, radiographers, radiologists, radiotherapists, orthodontists, graphic designers, mathematicians and so on.

In November 2005, at NSW Parliament House, a free trade agreement was signed and a joint venture with Landauer Inc, USA making history by accepting the first bilateral free trading agreement between the USA and Australia in the area of Biotechnology.


Professor Munoz-Ferrada celebrated the official opening of the Canada Bay Medical Centre in November 2007. The Canada Bay Medical Centre specialises in advanced health diagnostic imaging in Volumetric Scanners, Dental CT, Cardiology, Stress Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine, Ultra-Sound and Mammography. Today 18 facilities are operating in all capital cities throughout Australia including Darwin and Sydney.

In 2012, he continues to add his knowledge and expertise in surgery, nuclear medicine, physics and engineering, to help take Globalsonics technology to every corner of the world with the release of the new generation wireless Gammaprobe Surgical Explorer. Professor Munoz-Ferrada pioneered Gammaprobe technology in Australia with the launch of the Gammaprobe MKII seventeen years ago.


The website of Australian technology showcase introduced our Gammaprobe.


In October 2012, Professor Munoz-Ferrada was awarded the Spanish Order of Civil Merit, presented by the King of Spain. The Order of Civil Merit is granted to those that have rendered distinguished services to Spain.


Continuing his career, he is currently working closely with the Institute of Scientific Investigation and High Science in Madrid, Spain as he develops new approaches for monitoring radiation levels in hospital. This research and development have been input not only into Spain but through the European Union to be utilised in the prevention of overdose to patients at atomic and molecular level during treatment. The aim is to save lives to minimise morbidity.


Also during in 2012, the setting up of the first cancer treatment clinic utilising Oncothermia in Australia further clinics are expected to open in other parts of the world. Oncothermia is a new technique that will enter the medical community to assist to give hope to patients suffering terminally ill.


A partnership has been made between Globalsonics, Canada Bay Medical Centre and Southern Radiology for the setting up of treatment clinics in key centres across Australia, like Prince of Wales Hospital and others, key centres specialise in cancer treatment.

The principle of Oncothermia was originally developed in Scotland and the first research published was by Professor Andras Szasz, Department of Biotechnology at St. Istvan University, Hungary. His work and development supported the setup of a private group of scientists and clinicians in Germany to finally develop what Oncothermia is today. Professor Munoz-Ferrada has been invited by Professor Andras Szasz to collaborate with the technology in other areas of medicine.


Professor Munoz-Ferrada is regularly invited as guest speaker and to perform live surgical demonstrations in Radio Surgery, Nuclear Safety and National Security by many associations worldwide.