Preventative Maintenance

Additional to the design and manufacturing of bespoke solutions, Globalsonics Radiological Services Pty Ltd offers preventative maintenance (PM) services for capital equipment. When equipment is pivotal to function, PM is essential to the upkeep of the equipment and aims to identify and resolve potential issues before they lead to a halt in business operations PM not only prevents downtime but extends the lifetime of equipment. Our experienced team of engineers services capital equipment across the industrial and medical sectors, public and private.


Furthermore, Globalsonics is able to tailor PM service agreements to include additional extras such as remote support, software updates and even parts.


Provided with each PM service is a detailed service report, outlining pre-service condition report, service conducted and early identification of any potential future issues.

Included in capital equipment designed and manufactured by Globalsonics is the implementation of Predictive Maintenance (PdM). PdM is a technique, using condition monitoring tools to assess the performance of equipment during operation and it enables our team to predict the future failure point of the asset, allowing for it to be repaired or replaced just before it fails. PdM ultimately reduces downtime and minimizes unforeseen costs.

Our PM service is governed by ISO9001 certification, and undergoes continual QA development to ensure Globalsonics is able to provide the best fitting service to a constantly evolving market in the medical and industrial sectors.

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