Syriporter - Patient Dose Delivery System

Australian designed & manufactured single-dose injection delivery system & portable radiation shield for close contact with patient

The unique design of the Syriporter minimises radiation exposure to Nuclear Medicine Technologists & Radio-Pharmacists in PET by up to 80%. The system permits delivery of multiple isotopes without limitations unlike the automatic system. Recommended isotopes include; •F-18 •Tc-99m •Ga-68 •Lu-177 •I-131 & more

The Concept Procedure Overview

Transport, dispensing, preparation and delivery of the isotope to the patient´s bed is as simple as 1, 2, 3…4. All steps considered into one, the concept system makes your PET Nuclear Medicine Department an efficent and safe work eviroment for all personnel.

Optional features:

Dose meter Programmable to time or DOSE (optional).

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