Wipe Smear Testing

As prescribed by ARPANSA RPS13 – Safe Use of Fixed Radiation Gauges, wipe smear tests are to be conducted a regular interval (12 months) to ensure no leakages have developed in radiation housings. If contamination is detected on sealed radiation sources, then the source must be isolated, and assess to establish if contamination is as a result of leakage.


Globalsonics provides wipe smears, shipped to customers, to conduct wipe test themselves, and return soiled smear to our calibration facility for testing.


Wipe smears are tested using Globalonics’ specifically designed Wipe Test Counter in our state-of-the-art calibration facility located in Lane Cove.


Globalsonics provides certified report of the wipe test to customer and retains both hard and soft copies of report as a redundancy.

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