Austral-Rad Mini 8-in-1 Radiation Detector

Suitable to different areas where require a versatile and powerful multi radiation detection (GAMMA, BETA AND ALPHA*)

Specifically designed for use in medical and scientific industries where compliance with regulations and safe working conditions are fundamental. The Austral-Rad Mini is versatile, meaning it can be used for a variety of applications. It is designed as a handheld surevy meter, but when connected to a wall mounted cradle the unit becomes an area monitor.

It can be used as a contamination detector when it is connected to a pancake probe, end window detector or scintillator probe for nuclear medicine applications. As well as a Dose rate meter or as a Tele-detector when it is complemented by the telescopic extension rod and other accessories to complete the package. The lightweight, ergonomic design of Austral-Rad Mini 8 in 1 has several distinctive features including CMOS processor technology, auto range, built in check source for self-diagnostics and password key entry.


  • Internal radiation detector.
  • Wireless transmission of real time data.
  • LCS Display: Backlit.
  • Display: TIme and date.
  • Battery: Displays conditions on LCD
  • Password: Resettable
  • Radiation Units: Displays mR, mR/hr, μSv, μSv/hr, CPS, CPM.
  • Alarm Display: High and low alarm thresholds.
  • Conditions: Over range saturation display.
  • Electronics Diagnostic: Automatic self performed.

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