Globalsonics Research Pty Ltd is recognised worldwide for innovative research and design utilising technology in the areas of radiation protection, measurement and detection.

Globalsonics invests directly towards the integration of technology, implementation of advanced medical science and manufacturing technologies, as well as into development. The assimilation of these new technologies produces benefits that clearly extend to our commercial partners, as well as the academic and clinical communities.

R&D personnel are from a broad spectrum of disciplines composed of;
Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Software Engineering, Software Programming, Electrical Engineering and Nuclear Medicine.

We collaborate with Universities and Hospitals Australia wide, bringing a fresh perspective to our developments and creating opportunities for young Australian academics.

We are committed to “Continuous innovation” bringing creativity and quality to our new technologies.

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accreditations highlight our dedication to quality.


These are technologies which our research and development department innovated to provide solutions when problems were presented” to “The results of our R&D are listed below, each one a solution created by Globalsonics.