Patient Fixation

Patient Fixation


Rectafix provides a safe and effective way to prevent rectal bleeding by minimizing the amount of rectal tissue that gets a high dose. In this way the risk and severity of rectal toxicity is significantly reduced. Rectafix is easy to combine with standard radiotherapy treatment techniques and it is compatible with both Xray, CT, MR and EPID’s for planning, simulation and verification on imaging.


A large number of prostate cancer patients experience rectal bleeding and other severe side effects in the rectum after their radiotherapy treatment. Dose escalation above 70Gy improves the local control significantly but increases the incidence and severity of the rectal side effects. Several publications report rectal toxicity frequencies of 15-50% with grade II or higher. Many techniques to reduce the dose to the rectum have been tried, such as 3D Conformal Radiotherapy, IMRT, rectal balloons, radioprotective drugs etc but with limited success.

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